Graham University

Best-in-class training and development opportunities.

The highest expression of Graham's commitment to helping every team member be the best they can be and maximize opportunities to grow throughout their career is Graham University (GU). GU uses a variety of print, interpersonal and electronic media, including the Internet, to deliver its curriculum to users. GU is being structured to reflect Graham's size, many job categories and diverse locations across North America.

GU's mission is to provide best-in-class training and development opportunities for all employees using the most appropriate media in a cost-conscious manner. The mission focuses on offering the right training and development opportunities at the right time. We support and encourage development at all levels of Graham and we view it as a continuous and mutually beneficial process.

GU uses a blended learning approach in terms of location, course materials, instructors and medium:

  • GU will deliver its curriculum anywhere that a Graham employee is learning;
  • The course materials are mostly electronic in form and web-enabled for seamless distribution;
  • Instructors will be a mix of Graham experts and mentors, and outside specialists;
  • The curriculum will be continually developed, drawing on a wealth of sources including industry manuals, internally generated case studies and formal courses from professional and academic bodies;
  • The delivery format will include classroom study, one-on-one mentoring, on-the-job training, and individual study through online courses, knowledge management, and collaboration tools. The format will be tailored to the learning need; and
  • The GU curriculum will be continually enhanced by working with relevant professional bodies, such as Gold Seal and PMI.

GU has four major streams:

  • Leadership development;
  • Project management;
  • Estimating; and
  • On-boarding for new staff members.

To be recognized as a true corporate university, GU collaborates with preferred training and development institutions through strategic partnerships. A learning management system (LMS) currently under development will allow us to deliver and track training and development activities, including career paths. We are also developing mechanisms to help Graham people improve their formal academic credentials, such as advancing from a P.Eng. to an MBA, or other personal learning initiatives.