About Graham


Our senior leadership team lives by Graham's enduring Values of commitment, integrity and reliability. We are passionate about construction, firmly stand by our people and share a steadfast commitment to client service excellence.

The most rewarding part
of my position is seeing
individuals come together
as a team. It's exciting to
see the team's combined
capability exceed the
sum of each
strength. That's
genuine synergy."

My commitment is to help
the company continually
improve within my areas
of responsibility, so that
we can continually
improve the results
we deliver to our

My commitment is to
help the great people
at Graham have every
opportunity to raise their
own game, and
encourage each team
member to find ways
to improve the level
of play of everyone
around them."

Our teams have the
expertise to plan, design,
build, maintain and finance
infrastructure and major
facilities. Our people take responsibility so that our
clients receive a
reliable solution."

A career with Graham offers
the opportunity to realize and
even exceed our personal
goals, while contributing to
the community in which
we live."

Safety and achievement are
Graham's focus – zero
incidents the objective.
Everyone leaves work
unharmed and
proud of the day's

We develop and demonstrate
our core values of
Commitment, Integrity and
R eliability on a day to day
basis. That’s what we do.
That’s how we live."

At Graham, our employees,
clients and subcontractors are
all part of our team. When you
put together a group of talented people who have lofty but
common goals, you're
bound to be
I'm proud to
be part of this
winning team."

Graham competes and
wins against the best in
the industry, by utilizing our
strengths: people,
experience, systems,
broad capabilities and
financial strength.
Clients know
that they can rely
on us to deliver."

Graham has continued to
grow and be successful by
not forgeting its core values
of commitment, integrity and
reliability. It is a pleasure
to work with a team
of professionals
who live by these
values on a
daily basis

There's nothing more
satisfying than visiting a
project after construction
is complete and having the
owner say, 'Thanks,
this really worked well.'
That's my goal for every
one of Graham's
projects and

My commitment is to
help Graham's leaders
continually improve our
safety performance to
ensure that everyone
goes home safe
every day."

A career at Graham continues to
be an opportunity to work with
and learn from the best. Our builders, expertise teams, managers and senior
leadership all care
about, safety quality
and service
because they own
this company and care
for its reputation as
they do their own."

Graham's people are
the cornerstone to our
company's growth and
success. It's inspiring to
see their continuous
emphasis on the core values
of commitment, integrity
and reliability."

It's how you apply the talent
pools in an organization that determines whether a company succeeds. Graham's culture of
problem-solvers means we
focus our abilities in the
right direction."

We're an engaged leadership team that is characterized by:

  • Long tenure and career commitment;
  • Lifelong construction experience;
  • Diverse industry experience and backgrounds;
  • A collegial and cooperative management approach that features mutual trust, respect and support;
  • A working style that is approachable, straightforward, honest and transparent, reflecting Graham's small-town roots and family-company values;
  • Practical-mindedness and a constant focus on delivering value;
  • A committment to innovation, continuous improvement and providing a safe work environment;
  • Different ways of approaching challenges, while remaining focused on common goals – solving problems and serving the interests of our clients; and
  • Walking the talk – meeting all commitments, embodying the Graham Culture of caring and fairness, and leading by example.