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Operations General Manager Arrested

On January 25 Grant Symon, General Manager, Calgary Operations, Graham Group Ltd. was arrested, cuffed and put on "office" arrest. His crime? Supporting a great cause! The arrest was part of the Canadian Cancer Society's annual Jail-N-Bail Program.

Grant Symon was unaware that employees of the Calgary Operations office snitched on him to participate as a jailbird in the program. Grant was read his charges by a representative from the Cancer Society. The charges laid against him were, "requiring fellow golfers to wear PPE because no one can yell FORE that often!" Grant spent the afternoon in his office calling his contacts in an attempt to raise money to make bail for his release.

Grant was a great sport about the event, "supporting the Canadian Cancer Society is an important initiative that sadly affects all of us. The Jail-N-Bail program is a fun way to fundraise for the staff and participants," said a good humoured Grant. He managed to make bail and raised over $1,300 in support of the Cancer Society taking 4th place as a Top Jailbird in Calgary.

The Jail-N-Bail Program was adopted in 1988 by the Canadian Cancer Society and has proven to be an excellent way to raise funds for the fight against cancer. This year's goal for the Jail-N-Bail program is $179,000 across Alberta. This was a great effort by Calgary Operations to support this year's goal for the Cancer Society. Thank you to the many Graham employees that donated and supported this event!